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Visor Covers

Visor covers can come in a variety of different thing, but the one that sticks out the most when you say visor cover, would be your automobile visor cover. This is a sleeve that covers your sun visor; it has elastic bands that go around the back side of the visor, so that accessory compartments face the driver when it is pulled down. They serve as a double featured product, they keep the sun out of your eyes and give you storage space and easy accessibility to things you may want at your fingertips in your car.

It can be a simple cd holder that attached over you sun visor that is used to hold music cd's or dvd's, some now hold as many as 24 disc. There are all sorts of really cool useful visor covers that you can use in your car such as a box of Kleenex holder, cell phone holders, and charger holders.

Now for car enthusiasts that want to go overboard, of course you can really go crazy with just about anything for your car, and this is no different from anything else. Visor covers can start off as simply just that something that covers the sun visor of your car or you can replace the stock ones with expensive leather ones. Then there is always things for just the young at heart such as really cute cartoon character ones such as Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. There really is something out there for everyone.
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